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Yay 8D

Drawing© Hecko X


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I hope I got the comic title right, since it changed some time ago ^^’

Anyway, this is fanart of the character Wilfred from Werewolf Chronicles(?), an upcoming comic by ArcadiaRonin. I’m absolutely in love with the fabulous designs of the characters ♥

I’m really looking forward to the comic, and she promised to sign the first issue when I buy it, so I wanted to draw her this as a gift to say thanks. I just feel bad that it turned out so totally crappy ;_; SORRY ARCADIA!! *shame*

Wilfred© ArcadiaRonin


dA fav linkThe amazing original ♥

Christmas present I’m making for a friend (Kaiki), since she promised to make me a drawing, so thought I should make one in return. That, and she has a pretty unique way of drawing, so figured it would be good practice.

The character I’ve manage to draw so far is Kheint, so the one I’m missing is obviously Jinx. Both are original characters of Kaiki’s from her up-coming manga, FREAKxFUSION.

Kheint© Kaiki / Fei Huang


dA fav linkKaiki’s FxF stuff

The OC is now finished, yaaaaay~. His wrists look kinda fat though… Anyway, I’m just missing the background now, but I think I’ll take a break from the drawing and do something else, just for the sake of diversity.


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I’ve scaled it down a bit, so it isn’t actually a full-body drawing anymore. While not really noticible on a white backround, I’ve actually made a part of the drawing transparent, so that on a coloured background, it would look like his belt is actually hanging outside the lower border of the drawing.

Other than that, I just finished the arm and drew the pants. I’m not sure how to make it look like his arms a bent though, I hope I figure something out.

I decided to take it one step further and actually try drawing a full-body drawing with colours and shades and everything; something I’ve never tried before. Hopefully it’ll look good.

Compared to just the head drawing, I’ve started working on the body and I’ve rotated and moved his eye a bit, since I felt it looked slightly odd.

I used to make one-panel comics with a sarcastic character called the Flaming Ninja. For fun, I wanted to draw him young (before he became such a bastard) and without the mask. It was the first time I ever actually made shades on a drawing, so if it looks odd, that’s why.


dA fav linkFlaming Ninja ‘comics’

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