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Finished the christmas present for Kaiki, which I made because she promised me fanart of my OC and I felt bad about not giving her something in return.

Both characters are from her upcoming manga, FREAKxFUSION. I’ve seen some of the WIP, and it looks pretty good actually. Kheint is hiding behind a wall so that Jinx doesn’t figure out the present was from him. Click the devART link for a full size version.

Kheint© Kaiki / Fei Huang
Jinx© Kaiki / Fei Huang
Drawing© Hecko X


dA fav linkKaiki’s FxF stuff


Shinjitsu wa itsumo hitotsu!

Finished the drawing. I’ve been requested to colour it. I might, eventually.

Edogawa Conan© Gosho Aoyama


dA fav linkRef image

I’ve been watching Detective Conan recently, so wanted to make a drawing of Shinichi in his kid form. Hope to finish it before the week is over.

Edogawa Conan© Gosho Aoyama


dA fav link

From Jemaru‘s open collab, Slap Dat Betch XD

I dunno why, but I thought the base was funny as fuck, and the Jemaru parts were added pretty well, so I made one XD Also, first collab ever, wuuuuw! *milestone*

The char hitting her is my only OC so far, Young Flaming Ninja.

Base by Comics-Pixels
Jemaru parts by Jemaru
Young FN parts by Hecko X (me~)


dA fav linkThe base

NB!! This AniBlob will not be for sale once AniBlobs! become commercially available, as I do not own the character concept.

Anywho, since I’ve been imitating a lot of styles differently recently (EDIT: was I drunk when I wrote this..?) and making drawings for people, I wanted to make one for Wikivic too, since she’s a pretty cool lady.

However, since I haven’t seen any character art by her, I was a bit D= about what to draw. In the end, I decided to take the Angry Chicken logo from one of her drawings and make it an AniBlob XD

Angry Chicken Brand© Wikivic


dA fav linkRef for logo

I hope I got the comic title right, since it changed some time ago ^^’

Anyway, this is fanart of the character Wilfred from Werewolf Chronicles(?), an upcoming comic by ArcadiaRonin. I’m absolutely in love with the fabulous designs of the characters ♥

I’m really looking forward to the comic, and she promised to sign the first issue when I buy it, so I wanted to draw her this as a gift to say thanks. I just feel bad that it turned out so totally crappy ;_; SORRY ARCADIA!! *shame*

Wilfred© ArcadiaRonin


dA fav linkThe amazing original ♥

Christmas present I’m making for a friend (Kaiki), since she promised to make me a drawing, so thought I should make one in return. That, and she has a pretty unique way of drawing, so figured it would be good practice.

The character I’ve manage to draw so far is Kheint, so the one I’m missing is obviously Jinx. Both are original characters of Kaiki’s from her up-coming manga, FREAKxFUSION.

Kheint© Kaiki / Fei Huang


dA fav linkKaiki’s FxF stuff

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